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BIS Automation offers a complete selection of Industry Leading Transformers.


From Control to General Purpose, Drive Isolation to Large Power and everything in between.

BIS Automation Specializes in providing Custom Designed Transformers to fit our customers needs.

Product Summary

Specializing in CUSTOM Transformers


® Energy Efficient Transformers

® Industrial Control Transformers

® General Purpose Transformers

® Single and three phase Transformers

® Motor drive Transformers

® Industrial control Transformers

® CE approved Transformers for the European and world markets

® Ignition Transformers

® Solid State Igniters

® Drive Isolation Transformers

® Din Rail mounted Transformers

Poor power quality can be a problem, but that doesnít mean you have to settle for a power quality transformer that doesnít fit your need.


With BIS Automationsí Complete Selection of Industry Leading Transformers, we can offer you a range of power quality transformers from

which to select the right type, at the right price, for any application.


So whether you need simple noise attenuation or comprehensive harmonic mitigation, choose a power quality transformer thatís a perfect fit,

Choose BIS Automation.


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Contact BIS Automation @ 800-504-5982 Serving Industry for over 85 Years
Text Box: World-Class 
and Support 
Since 1923

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