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Industrial AC Drives

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BIS Automation Sells, Integrates and Applies the world's best manufacturers of AC drives for industrial automation and OEM equipment. The drives BIS Automation offers, cover every automation application need in the industrial plant. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC motor speed control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality in design and manufacturing. These adjustable frequency drives offer the greatest selection of size and performance available, with power ranges from fractional HP to 1750 HP. Our AC Drives provide the benefits of network communications, support by software tools for parameter management, custom software options, and new ease of installation. Because all adjustable frequency drives offered by BIS Automation are rigorously tested and BIS Automation ensures that quality and reliability are designed in and built in.

Product Summary

Drives ranging 1/8 HP to 1,750+ HP from general purpose to Industrial Applications, Yaskawa’s variable frequency to flux vector control, offering the most reliable line of inverter drives in the industry. Our selection of Yaskawa drives is ideal for applications ranging from fans, pumps, conveyors, cranes, extruders and winders to complete steel processing, papermaking/coating and textile systems. Yaskawa's line of machine tool spindle drives and motors offer both high speed and high performance.


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Text Box: World-Class 
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Since 1923

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