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Text Box:  March 31, 2003

Dear Customer of MagneTek Systems Drives,

We are writing this letter to clarify the Magnetek position on the DSD 412 and the support of our previous drives lines.

First of all I want to mention that the Industrial Drives department is located in Menominee Falls, WI.  We have moved from the New Berlin, WI operation to our present Menominee Falls Plant including the engineering department and manufacturing.   

We are manufacturing the current DC Drive that is the DSD412 up to 800 HP just as we did in the past.  In regard to the DSD312 we are supporting that product line with parts that are available.  We also still support the DC (Saber) 3412 DC drives with parts.

We have selected “BIS Automation, Inc. as our single channel for all the industrial drives and parts that we handle. BIS Automation, Inc. (Formerly Beemster Electric, Inc.)  has a long relationship with Magnetek going back to 1970; they are staffed to handle all the support issues for our Industrial DC products.  BIS Automation, Inc. will handle all customers with technical support, parts, repair and training for all of the Magnetek DC Industrial Drives either current or previous designs.  BIS Automation, Inc.  stocks parts for most of the Louis Allis and Magnetek drives that go back to 1970 (Saber and Lancer Lines). BIS Automation, Inc. information is as follows:
BIS Automation, Inc.
1725 Suburban Drive
De Pere, WI  54115
(800) 504-5982	Fax (920) 337-9901   “BISAutomation.com”

We want to assure you that Magnetek is making ever effort to support obsolete drives with parts and that the DSD312 is supported with parts, technical assistance, training and field service.

On behalf of all the associates from MagneTek we thank you for your past business and look forward to a continued relationship.


Will Kastner 
Sales Manager
Cc:	Gerry Nelson	BIS Automation, Inc.

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and Support 
Since 1923

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