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Text Box:           Memorandum of Understanding

Date:	December 13, 2005

To:	Gerry Nelson Ė General Manager, BIS Automation
cc:	Mike Knapek, Tim Wallschleager, Dennis Fitzgerald, Don McNair,
	Jim Uebele, Steve Mack, Ken Hacker, Jean Lonze, Mike Massie, Rafi Wilkinson

From:	Mark Bernicky

BIS Automation will assume all responsibilities to service existing customers on all former Systems Legacy products, (herein defined as the Saber, Smart Trac, MicroTrac, and DSD product lines).  This means BIS Automation, Inc. will provide the following for all Systems Legacy products:
Technical Support
Field Service 
24/7 availability

BIS Automation has taken physical possession of the following Yaskawa property:
Microfilm Reader/printer and all microfilm files associated with the legacy Systems products.
Microfiche Reader/printer and all cassettes that have the BOMís for the Legacy Products.

Yaskawa Electric will supply BIS Automation via CD or other medium:
All PAC application code.
All .dxf and .dwg schematicís and drawing associated with Legacy Drive System products.

BIS Automation will deal directly with the PCB manufactures to provide all parts for the systems legacy drives and associated parts in the future.  

Yaskawa Electric will supply BIS Automation with all Systems Legacy Manuals in an electronic format if they exist today.

Yaskawa Electric will provide BIS Automation with all paperwork necessary and a list of our current PCB manufactures.  Yaskawa will give a release so BIS Automation can work directly with the PCB manufactures.

Yaskawa Electric will refer all former Systems Legacy customers to BIS Automation for Replacement Parts, Field Service, Repairs, Training, and Technical Support.  In exchange, BIS Automation must maintain the current high standard of providing such goods and services.  

BIS Automation will provide all referrals that request AC Variable Speed Drives, only Yaskawa Electric product.

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Text Box: World-Class 
and Support 
Since 1923

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