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Throughout the process, we provide  you with personal attention to assure specified performance and optimal operation before, during and after delivery of your system.


 We are dedicated to you from day one!



Testing & Repair


Our Service Group tests and Repairs a wide variety of products including Drives & Others Electrical Products.




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System Integration


Our integration systems utilize control programs, such as RSView, Wonderware, Control Logix and others.

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Service and Support


The process begins with our sales and project engineers meeting individually with each customer to develop cost-effective, highly-detailed specifications.


Once an order is placed we will design, manufacture, perform extensive system testing and ship your product, with a complete documentation package, including: drawings, software code and a systems manual.
















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Contact BIS Automation @ 800-504-5982 Serving Industry for over 85 Years
Text Box: World-Class 
and Support 
Since 1923

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